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Our Features

Better Quality

We believe that Students learn best in a calm and stress-free environment, in a small-group setting, where they feel supported both by the tutor and the knowledge that they aren’t alone in their learning process.

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Co-operative Teaching

Our tailored approach to tutoring allows us to work directly with students to help them improve weaknesses and enhance strengths.

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Weekly Exam

We can help whatever the need – be it reading, writing, matters of concentration or motivation, or last-minute revision and help for tests or exams. So, Students will get more knowledge due to Weekly Exam.

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Our Services

Tuition Class

We are providing tuition classes for class 7-10, Special class for SLC appearing students, Class 11-12 all subjects, BSc, BScCSIT, Master's level all subjects.

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Photography Training

Learn powerful new skills and start taking better pictures. Hallmark Education Center offers the best photography courses from visionary photographers and editors.

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Videography Training

We must be exposed to the video production environment in order to absorb and learn to get videography jobs.We are providing such course in Hallmark Education Center.

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About us

The Hallmark Education Centre was originally established by Shyam Chhetri in 2064. Our aim is to provide the highest quality tuition and educational products to students, in Patandhoka,lalitpur as well as other places in Kathmandu, Nepal

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